A to Z Garden Pro Master Class

இந்த பக்கத்தைத் தமிழில் காண க்ளிக் செய்யவும்

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Four Days Online Workshop in Tamil – Free Handbook & After Class Support – Workshop is Conducted by ASK Jhansi who has 15+ years of experience in Home Gardening. She grows 800+ Species of Plants in her Home.

This is an All in One Workshop that Includes
  • Terrace Farming
  • Backyard Gardening
  • Balcony Gardening
  • Indoor Gardening
Our Vegetable Gardening Concepts
  • No Cocopeat
  • No Red Soil
  • No Vermicompost
  • No Shadenet
  • No Growbags
  • No Bio Fertilizers
  • No Chemical Fertilizers
  • No Need to Change Soil After Every Season
Who is this Workshop For ?
  • For those who want to start their terrace garden with zero investment.
  • Those who want to grow all their veggies on terrace or backyard
  • Those who want to learn about potted plants and plants on land
  • Those who already having a garden without much yield
  • Those who kill plants often and struggling with pests
  • For busy people cannot spend much time in gardening
  • Those who want to grow indoor plants and get fresh oxygen
  • Those who want to know the right pot size, watering and fertilization
We Teach The Care Of
  • All Vegetable Plants
  • Tress, Climbers and Creepers
  • Flowering Plants
  • Hanging Plants
  • Herbal Plants
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Indoor Plants
Other Concepts You Learn
  • Zero to Pro Approach
  • Planning and Starting a Garden
  • Soil Mix for Different Plant Types
  • 120+ Plants Care, Pot Size, Watering and Fertilization
  • Repotting and Some Propagation Techniques
  • How to Save a Dying Plant ?
  • Sustainable Farming Techniques
  • 7 Layer and 5 Layer Model
  • High Yield in Less Space
  • Making a Waste Land Fertile
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Seed to Seed Techniques
  • Terrace Floor Safety Measures
  • Weed Management Techniques
  • Drip Irrigation and Venturi System
  • Compost Bin / Compost Pit
A to Z Garden Pro Regular Batch
  • This is a Live Workshop with pre-recorded contents
  • Workshop is conducted via Live Telecast and Zoom
  • You Need Chrome Browser or Safari Browser and Zoom App
  • Live Q & A Session via Zoom on Day 4
  • Free Handbook For Future Reference
  • One Week After Class Support
  • No Class Recordings Shall be Given
  • You Can Reschedule the Class the next day Morning if you Miss it
  • If you cant attend Morning Session, you can opt out of the entire workshop and rejoin in the next batch.
  • No Rescheduling for Q & A Session.
  • If you cant attend that you can ask your doubts through whatsapp.
On Request Morning Session
  • Morning Sessions Are Conducted only On Request
  • Last Day Q & A Session Only Conducted in Evenings
  • If you cant attend Q & A Session, you can ask your doubts through Whatsapp
  • No Next Day Rescheduling for Morning Sessions if You Miss
  • However if you cant attend, you have to opt out of Entire Upcoming Sessions and Join in the Next Month Batch From the Missed Day

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(Fee Details Given Here)

Any Doubts Check Our Workshop FAQ or Ping Us On Whatsapp +91 94885 69934