About ASK Jhansi

I am Mrs. Suhaina Mazhar, M.A.(eng)., M. Com., B.Ed., M. Acu., Managing Director of Queensland International and CEO of ASK Jhansi Academy.

Queensland International manufactures ASK Jhansi Homecare Products and ASK Jhansi Academy is based on “Learn to Earn” principle that helps people acquire life skills that are not taught at any school or collage…

Am an entrepreneur, social media influencer and an amateur artist. Former web developer, professional content writer and SEO consultant. Have penned 5000+ English articles in my career and have authored nine books… Have completed masters diploma in acupuncture and doing researches in it.

Learn to Earn is My Slogan… I help people to figure out how to convert their passion into money… Yes – We Teach – We Guide – We Outsource…

My Youtube Channels:

1. ASK Jhansi (How To Do Videos) – 1.2 Million+ Subscribers

Link –  https://youtube.com/ASKJhansi

2. Queen Jhansi (Vlog & Gardening) – 2.7 Lakh + Subscribers

Link – https://youtube.com/QueenJhansi

3. Chanakiyan (Business & Society) – 3.5 Lakh + Subscribers

Link – https://youtube.com/Chanakiyan

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ASK Jhansi – 1.6 Lakh + Followers

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ASK Jhansi (Nature) – 53 K + Followers

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ASK Jhansi Academy (Earn) – 10 K + Followers

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ASK Jhansi Pro (Sentiments) – 6 K + Followers

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