YouTubing Millions Pro Class

One Day Online Workshop via Zoom – Workshop is Conducted By ASK Jhansi who has 2 Million Subscribers in Her Three YouTube Channels and who has 15+ Years of Experience in SEO Industry
Who is this workshop for ?
  • If you want to achieve One Million Subscribers on YouTube
  • If you want to achieve your dreams through YouTube Income
  • If you already have a monetized channel but not able to move forward
  • If you already completed Beginner Class and Master Class and want to move forward
  • If you want to build a business around YouTube and earn extra income
  • If you want to know why some videos go viral and some don’t
  • If you want to learn the advanced algorithm of YouTube
  • If you want to learn how to study YouTube Metrics
  • If you want to learn advanced channel optimization
  • However we strongly recommend to complete both beginner as well as master class before attending this session
What you learn ?
  • Creating Content for More Views
  • Building a Community Around YouTube
  • Mindset Tactics and YouTube Manifestation
  • Fine Tuning Speaking Skills
  • Fine Tuning Video Editing Skills
  • Branding Thumbnail Creation
  • Building a Business Through YouTube
  • Secrets of Driving More Traffic
  • Organic Vs Inorganic Views
  • Understanding YouTube Metrics
  • Increasing Audience Retention Ratio
  • Competitor Analysis and Keyword Analysis
  • One Day Work One Month Shorts
  • Pulling Down Competitors in Ranking
  • Advanced SEO Strategies
  • Doubt Clearing Session
  • Free Handbook With E-Certification

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