Terrace Farming Master Class

One Day Online Workshop via Zoom – Free Handbook with E-Certification & After Class Support – This Class is Conducted by ASK Jhansi who has 15+ years of experience in Home Gardening. She grows 800+ Species of Plants in her Home.

Who is this workshop for ?
  • For those who want to start their terrace garden with zero investment
  • If you want to save money on your monthly budget by stop buying vegetables outside
  • If are worried whether the terrace would be damaged with gardening
  • If you want to stop consuming pesticide sprayed slow poison vegetables
  • If you do not have much space on terrace but want to grow all your vegetables yourself
  • And if you want to give your family healthy organically grown fresh vegetables everyday
  • If you want to learn sustainable farming techniques which does not need much care
  • If you already have a terrace garden but not getting much yield
  • If you cant spend more time in gardening yet want to grow all your vegetables on your own
Concepts You Learn
  • No Cocopeat – No Shadenet
  • No Redsoil – No Vermicompost
  • No Bio Fertilizers – No Chemical Fertilizers
  • No Need To Change Soil After Every Season
  • Sustainable Farming Techniques
  • 5 Layer Model
  • High Yield in Less Space
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Seed to Seed Techniques
  • Terrace Floor Safety Measures
  • 20+ Topics Covered
  • Live Demo of Terrace Garden
  • Zero to Pro Approach
  • E-Certificate for Course Completion
  • Free Handbook For Future Reference
  • One Week After Class Support

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Any Doubts Check Our Workshop FAQ or Ping Us On Whatsapp +91 94885 69934