Herbal Method of Turning Grey Hair to Black Hair Permanently

We all like black hair. But hair turns grey with age. Some people even suffer with premature greying. So here is the good and permanent solution for getting back black hair. This solution is very permanent. So hair once turned black will never change into grey again. Also this does not involve any chemicals. We are only going to use natural ingredients that come from plants. So it has no side effects and you can use it without any fear.

Let me explain you step by step with photos. For demonstative purpose, I am using a grey wig and just keep watching how it turns black color at the final step.

Take a cup of mehandi powder or henna powder. Please get it from authentic sources so that it is pure. You can easily get that from any herbal stores or fancy stores nearby or you can also buy online Click to Buy

Mix water with henna powder. Just any drinking water at room temperature is enough.

Make it a smooth paste in semi solid consistencey. Do not make it too hard, it will not stick to hair. Also do not make it too watery. Then it will not dry out quick. Make it as free flowing paste.

Take a brush probaby a dyeing brush will be ideal. Dip the brush in the mehandi batter and apply it over the hair.

Apply a thick paste all over the hair and let it dry for at least four hours. You can also wrap your head with a towel and leave it overnight.

It should be completely dry before you wash it. No need to be afraid of catching cold. It will not do you any harm if mehandi powder is pure.

Now wash the hair thoroughly with water. You can use hot water or cold water, no problem. But do not use soap or shampoo. Just rinse with water.

Let your hair dry well. You have done with the first part of the process. Now your hair will look reddish and silky smooth. You can start the second process immediately or after one or days.

Now all you need is good quality indigo powder. You can get it from amazon or any other online website. If indigo powder is not of good quality, then it will not work. So make sure you buy the correct powder. Click to Buy Indigo Powder. Put indigo powdr in a cup.

Mix it with water and make a paste just like you made henna powder. It has to be in right consistency for good sticking.

Apply all over the hair thoroughly. Do not leave a single space. It has to spread well deep into the roots of the hair.

Allow it to dry for one hour. You need not leave it for long time just like you did for henna powder. Just one hour would be sufficient.

Now wash with normal water. Do not use soap or shampoo. Just rinsing with water gives good results.

Now you can see the hair turning into greenish black. No need to panic. It will be like that only until you go into sun. Within a day or two you can see it turning completely black. If you not satisfied, please do repeat the same process again after two days as you are a beginner in this. Only for the first time, you need to repeat it.

The change is permanent. The hair will never fade into grey again. However, when the new hair grows out of the root follicles, then you may see grey hair after three or four weeks. So it is recommended to repeat this once every four weeks for the new growth. This time just apply close to the roots. No need to spread all over the hair. So the process will be very quick and easy.

Please watch the whole process in this video:


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