Easy Homemade Herbal Beauty Soap Full Formula

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Let us see how to make herbal beauty soap at home. It takes less than half an hour to make it. Also it is super easy and does no harm to your skin. In fact we are going to add some ingredients, that will enhance your color and skin tone. It will cost you one fourth of how much you spend for a store bought soap. All the ingredients mentioned are available in amazon or you can also buy chemicals from ASK Jhansi Chemical Shop.

First take 150 ml of water in a bowl and keep it over stove. All the below measurements are for 375 grams of finished soap which is equal to approximately 7 soaps.

Now we are going to add some optional ingredients, some natural or herbal products. Even if you do not have some of them, it would not make much difference. The first product is neem leaves. You can easily take a bunch of leaves from trees as neem trees are found everywhere. Alternatively you can also use a spoon of neem powder. Neem has anti-bacterial qualities and it helps to keep your skin bacteria free. Remove the leaves and add it to the bowl of water.

Then add a handful of dried rose petals in the water. This enhances the softness of your skin and gives you a glowy look. You can dry rose in shade for one week and use it for this purpose.

Switch on the stove and bring it to boiling stage. Do not leave for long as it will give out water vapour and the quantity of water will decrese. Just switch off the stove when you see bubbles.

Now let us add some aloe vera into it. Better to add natural aloe vera instead of adding store bought aloe vera gel. Aloe vera discourages aging and gives young look to the face. Also it prevents pimples and wrinkles.

Take a piece of aloe vera stem and cut the corners and carefully take out the gel part inside and add it to the water. All these herbal products are only optional. If you do not have one or two of them, you can skip.

Now take 50 gram of sodium hydroxide. Another name for sodium hydroxide is caustic soda. You can buy it online from ASK Jhansi Chemical shop. Link is given below this page. Make sure you do not touch caustic soda with bare hands. It will cause itching and reddish patches when touched with hand. So please use gloves when handling with caustic soda

Now filter the herbal solution into the caustic soda. Make sure you use stainless steel vessel for the purpose. Do not use aluminum or non stick as it will get damaged. After filtering mix it well with a spoon or spatula. Exothermic process will occur and boiling heat will be generated from it. Let it cool down for sometime. If you want to add natural coloring you can add some beetroot juice into the mixture.

Take 300 ml pure coconut oil in a container. Coconut oil gives excellent quality soaps. However if you want to do it commercially and want to reduce the cost, then you may mix 50% coconut oil and 50% palm oil or any cheap variety of cooking oil.

You need a mould for pouring the soap. You can buy rubber mould from amazon and reuse it any number of times. Click this link to check out. But if you do not have soap mould, you can use some old plastic bottle. Just cut the bottle as shown in the picture. Since the bottle is round in shape, you will get round soap bar. And you can cut the bar at desired sizes.

Now add one spoon of Multhani Metti powder in the liquid. Multhani gives good color to your skin and it whitens two shades more. However this is only optional.

Add the coconut oil into the herbal concoction and stir well for two to three minutes so that it forms a homogenous mixture. Let it sit for 30 minutes until it is completely cool. Now you can see it thickening like a paste.

Finally add few drops of some essential oil or perfume to give good fragrance and feel to the soap. If you want it to be very natural, you can avoid this. But the smell of the raw soap will not be that much nice. So better you add any available perfume to it. You can alternatively use sandalwood powder or camphor for fragrance.

Stir well and pour the liquid into the mould. Here a I am adding it to the plastic bottle.

Cover the bottle and keep it aside. Let it sit for 24 hours in room temperature.

Now the soap is ready. I am weighing it. It shows 382 grams with bottle.

Cut open the bottle and take the cake out. It will be in the shape of the bottle.

Now you to cut it to your desired sizes. As you are going to use it for your own needs, you need not worry about the shape. However if you are going to do it commercially, then it is better to use soap mould or small disposable plastic containers for the purpose.

Now the soap is ready. However, as we have used caustic soda in this soap, the power of it lingers for about three to five weeks. So it is better to keep the soap aside for five weeks before you use it. Otherwise it might create allergies or itching to the skin. All cold process home made soaps are used only after five weeks except those that are made with readymade melt and pour soap bases.

It gives good foam and nice feel when used. You can use it for washing hands, face and bathing. This is one of the best bathing soap formula you could ever find online.

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