Balcony Gardening Master Class

One Day Online Workshop via Zoom – Free Handbook with E-Certification & After Class Support – This Class is Conducted by ASK Jhansi who has 15+ years of experience in Home Gardening. She grows 800+ Species of Plants in her Home

Who this workshop is for ?
  • If you want to grow plants in balcony or backyard in pots
  • If you are living in gated communities but still want to grow plants
  • If you are struggling to grow plants and wasting money killing them
  • If you are tired of plants getting dried out and you are helpless not knowing what to do
  • If you want to start a balcony garden but do not know where to start
  • If you receive very low just two to three hours of direct sunlight and do not know what plants to grow
  • If you want to grow herbal, flowering and ornamental plants in low sunlight
  • If you are confused about pot size, watering, soil mix and fertilization
  • If you want to know the tips and tricks of growing vegetable plants in low sunlight
What you learn ?
  • How to Start Balcony Garden
  • Cost Effective Right Potting Mix
  • 80+ Balcony Plants Care
  • Low Light Vegetables
  • Flowering and Herbal Plants Care
  • Hanging and Ornamental Plants Care
  • Fertilizing and Health Monitoring
  • How to Save a Dying Plant
  • Zero to Pro Approach
  • E-Certificate for Course Completion
  • Free Handbook For Future Reference
  • One Week After Class Support

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Any Doubts Check Our Workshop FAQ or Ping Us On Whatsapp +91 94885 69934